What we offer

ENGISO are specialists in Total-Cost and Cost-Out solutions as well as long term assignments requiring out-of-the-box thinking. Always with an innovative approach, experience and knowhow. Along with our products we supply consulting services and turnkey solutions.

Consulting services

Project Managementment, including: Project conception and initiation, project definition and planning, launch or execution, performance and control and project closure.

CE-Marking, including: Conformity assessment, set up technical files, issue EC Declaration of Conformity (DoC), Place CE marking on a product.

Risk Assessment & D-FMEA. A risk assessment used to identify sensible measures to control the risks in a given project. Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA) is used to uncover design risk, which includes possible failure, degradation of performance and potential hazards.

Design Innovation. Is a new idea, device or process. Innovation can be viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, in articulated needs, or existing market needs.

Turnkey solutions

A type of solution by ENGISO that is easily or readily deployed into a current business, system or process, which is able to be used immediately once installed or implemented. Such as:

  • Product
  • System
  • Service
  • After Market
  • Training, Animation / Virtualization System, APP

In such cases the purpose of using a turnkey solution is to avoid the hassle or headache of setting up your own in-house solution or resources. ENGISO will deliver a “All inclusive” solution tailored to the customers exact needs or requests.

Business cases

Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact Engiso or view our selected business cases below.

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"Engiso has consistently reduced costs and generated productivity gains"
"Always brings an innovative approach, experience and knowhow to the project."
"With Engiso we avoided the hassle of setting up our own in-house solution"