Chair for tower wall

Chair for tower wall©

The Chair is designed by Engiso as an excelent ergonomic chair for easy installation on tower walls.

Key features

A flexible sollution for easy installation of tower chairs.

Easy installation

Easy mounted with 2 pcs. of V-MAG 340© magnets.


Seat and back shells of recycled blow moulded HDPE with additives for UV colour-fastness and fire resistance.

Ergonomic design

Durable and strong ergonomic design with high comfort.

Flexible and service friendly

Seat retraction using gravity (Counter weight) and POM (polyacetal) bushings at joints ensure smooth trouble free operation.

Supporting structure made of galvanized steel


Tower chair specifications

An optional flange adapter is available to be able to distance the chair where flanges makes it necessary.

V-MAG©-340 Specifications
Size: 175x60x21mm
Lifting capacity: 340 KG
Premounted Bolt: 1xM8x15mm & 2xM6x15mm
Weight: 1,3 kg / 2,86 lbs


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Applicable areas

Wind Oil & Gas Telecom Marine V-MAG

The Chair  for tower walls by Engiso, can be applied in various business areas. Including wind energy, the oil & gas industry, the telecom sector, defense and marine. 

If you would like a free quotation or learn more about how the Engiso chair for tower walls, can optimize your workflow and finances - feel free to contact us.

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