Tower Dampers

Engiso Tower Damper

The unique and patented solution, with friction and impact damping, allows Engiso to offer various tuned mass dampers for both installation, 1. Mode and 2. Mode. We TaylorMade the specific damper size to our customer’s needs.

Key features

A flexible low-weight tower dampening system for wind turbine towers - on- and offshore.

Easy installation

The Tower Damper is easy to handle, install and can be handled with forklifts and internal cranes. Only 500 kg per damper.

A effective solution

The Tower Damper is the most effective damper on the market - weight vs effect. Only standard steel and components used

Flexible and service friendly

Same damper concept covers several tower variants and the Tower Damper is service friendly with Engiso service tools.


A unique and state of the art solution for tower damping. The Engiso solution is patent pending and covers installation dampers (1. mode) and 2. mode dampers. At Engiso we have +25 years of experience from the wind turbine industry (Vestas, Avanti, Siemens). With Engiso tower damper you get:

  • Patent pending PA 2017 00113
  • Flexible – same concept covers several tower variants
  • 100 % mechanical based solution
  • The solution can be retrofitted onsite and can be use for already installed towers
  • Interface bracket for swift installation on flanges
  • Can be handled with forklifts and internal cranes
  • Easy to handle and fast to install
  • Standard steel and components used
  • Low weight – from 500 kg. per damper
  • The most effective damper on the market – kg. vs effect
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Service friendly with Engiso service tools

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Applicable areas


Tower Damper© from Engiso is a unique tower dampening solution that can be applied in the Wind Energy sector.

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