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Engiso is an engineered solutions firm specializing in multipurpose magnets and industrial products for extreme environments. Our high-value engineered solutions are expertly customized for the wind, telecom, maritime, oil and gas, and defense sectors.

What we do

The volatility of the oil and gas industry is a fundamental challenge that requires new capabilities to mitigate risk and devise cost-effective ways to gain additional margins. Our products are corrosion resistant, nondestructive to the existing infrastructure, effortlessly implemented into an existing system, and active within minutes. We partner with you throughout the process and our expert consultants ensure a hassle-free implementation phase as well.

Our engineering solutions contribute to oil and gas productivity by lowering labor costs, regulatory involvement, and lengthy construction. We significantly eliminate the need to weld and thereby improve the security and sustainability of installations.

At Engiso, our solutions lead to increased safety, cost reductions, and environmental and operational efficiencies.

Oil & gas products

V-Mag© series

The unique V-MAGs© are constructed using Neodyme magnets, which are the strongest permanent magnets available. More

TBR Brackets

Semi permanent, non-penetrating, non-destructive, magnetic mechanical interphase bracket system from Engiso. More

L-Tool series

The L-Tool is a mobile and magnetic material-lifting point tool used during construction, commissioning or maintenance in different sectors. More