About Engiso

Engiso offers many types of solutions that are easily and readily deployed into a current business, system or process. The purpose of using our solutions is to avoid the hassle or headache of setting up your own in-house solution or resources.

Engiso® is an engineered solutions firm specializing in multipurpose magnets and industrial products for extreme environments. Engiso's high-value engineered solutions are expertly customized for the wind, telecommunications, maritime, oil and gas, and defense sectors. The company is a preferred provider of engineered solutions for a number of Fortune Global 500 clients and holds more than 25 patents worldwide.

Engiso® offers many types of manufactured solutions - transferable to wind power, telecommunications, maritime, oil and gas, and defense markets - that can be easily deployed into a current business, system or process. The company consists of Engineers, Project managers and Senior 3D specialists with several years know-how from the Wind Power Industry. ENGISO are specialists in Total-Cost and Cost-Out solutions as well as long term assignments requiring out-of-the-box thinking.  Always with an innovative approach, experience and knowhow.

Our services include consulting – project management , CE - marking, Risk Assessment & D-FMEA, design innovation along with a range of turn key solutions and products. Our target markets and Clients are found in the Wind Industry, Telecom / WISP, Marine, Defense / Homeland Security as well as the Oil & Gas Industry.

"Engiso has consistently reduced costs and generated productivity gains"
"With Engiso we avoided the hassle of setting up our own in-house solution"
"Always brings an innovative approach, experience and knowhow to the project."
about us

Working with us

Engiso are making engineering ideas possible and help customers going to market. Fast. 

Partnering with the best

At Engiso we strive to be the best, with an innovative mindset, extensive know-how and optimised workflow. 

Proven track record

With over 12-years track record and 2 million magnets in operation, Engiso has proven to be a reliable and innovative partner for businesses and industries alle over the world.

Tailor made solutions

With our unique know-how and experience, Engiso can deliver an “All inclusive” solution tailored to the customer’s exact needs or requests.

Making engineering ideas possible

Engiso is comprised of advanced engineers, project managers, and consultants shaped by the demands of the Nordic onshore and onshore wind energy sectors. Engiso has consistently reduced costs, optimized worker health and safety, and generated sizable productivity gains for multinational. Our partners include companies such as Comtec IntOAASIS Group and Oilrequip.

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Go to market - fast!

Looking for a product that has not yet been invented? Preto typing & Prototyping. Whatever your business needs to improve – we can design the solution. We know the supply chain in various industries from within, and we love what we do: providing solutions that are easily deployed into existing designs, systems or processes. Do you want to know more? Please contact us.